ASUS Z370 Series Motherboards Are Ready for 8th Gen Intel Core Coffee Lake CPUs

Intel has announced the Z370 chipset, which will power motherboards aimed specifically at the gamers out there planning to use the new 8th generation Intel Core "Coffee Lake" processors. These new processors have features that make them appealing to gamers and power users alike with more cores, big caches and higher clock speeds. ASUS figures that its new Z370 motherboards will be appealing to gamers, content makers and power users.


Since there are all types of computer users who are going to be taking advantage of the new 8th generation Core processors, ASUS has mainboards aimed at all sorts of users. ASUS' Z370 line consists of Prime, ROG, and TUF offerings that are tailored for all audiences.

ASUS wrote, "There’s something to suit all tastes, whether you’re a prosumer seeking a well-equipped system for work and play, a hardcore overclocker pursuing performance records on the world stage, or a PC gamer building a battlestation tuned to perfection."

asus g1

The highlight of the new ASUS range for most gamers will be the Republic of Gamers Maximus X motherboards offering all the features and performance that gamers and enthusiasts expect. The flagship Maximus Apex X features dual 8-pin power connectors for the CPU, a special fan bracket for the I/O heatsink for LN2 overclockers, dual DDR4 DIMM slots with more direct trace routes, a dual DIMM.2 model for accommodating dual M.2 SSDs and four PCIe x16 slots for your high-performance graphics needs. Other features include Intel I219-V GbE and Aquantia AQC-108 5G Ethernet.

Republic of Gamers Strix boards aim for performance with style to match, perfect for those blingy windowed PC cases. The ASUS Prime series is aimed at users wanting everyday customization and tuning says ASUS. The TUF series are gaming boards aim at costing less and offering ease of use. Not every gamer or enthusiast will have the cash to shop in the top-of-the line of ASUS' Z370 range and the TUF boards are for those budget builds that still want quality.
asus ef1

The entire Z370 range has enhanced overvoltage and ESD protection to shield your components from electrical damage. The line also features digital VRMs to feed power to the CPU. ASUS integrates SafeSlot structural reinforcements to keep your heavy graphics card from damaging the board over time. ASUS will launch the entire Z370 chipset line globally starting on October 5, pricing is undisclosed. Check out the following link for full specs on all of ASUS' new Z370 motherboards.

The new Coffee Lake processors were unveiled a few days ago and launch October 5.