ASUS Xtreme Design Contest Update!

We just wanted to post a quick reminder to let you all know that the Asus Xtreme Design contest is still going strong! In fact, our friends from Asus recently posted an update with some information about some of the winners so far. At this point, Team HotHardware is looking strong.  Here's what the Asus update said...

For those of you joining in, we wanted to give you an update on whats been going on with Xtreme Design!

We reached out to Hothardware members and asked what they would do with Xtreme Design features on ASUS motherboards. We also asked what kind of Xtreme Design computer build they would make if we supplied parts from our sponsored partners: INTEL, NVIDIA, ANTEC, G.SKILL, RAZER, SAMSUNG!

We picked a total of 20 winners and 7 of them were from Hothardware!



 NelsonCP21's Creation...

DUOPlus's Xtreme Design...

These Xtreme Designers were given an Intel core i7 cpu, ASUS GTX260 powered by Nvidia, 4GB of G.Skill Trident series memory, Samsung 128GB SSD, Razer Lycosa keyboard and Deathadder mouse, and Antec Quattro 850Watt Power supply!

Stay tuned as we will pick a stage 2 winner to take their Xtreme Design and travel with us to LAS VEGAS! and show the world their Xtreme Design!

Show the world your Xtreme Design! 

ASUS has joined forces with Antec, Intel , G.Skill, Nvidia, Razer, Samsung and HOTHARDWARE to empower YOUR Xtreme ideas! Tell us what you would do if ASUS put “Xtreme Design Technology” In your hands!

Tell US:

  • How would you build your "Xtreme" System if you won the sponsored hardware.
  • What is your "Xtreme Design" system's goal.
  • How ASUS' "Xtreme Design" motherboard features help your system and daily life.
  • Anything else that convinces us to pick your idea from the participating forums below.

This contest has 3 Stages:

Stage I:
Tell us what you would do with “Xtreme Design Technology!” Think about how ASUS’ Xtreme Design features can work for you. (Psst! Do your homework here: )

2. Post your system project goals, anticipated challenges, diagrams, and sketches. Convince us you are capable of building your Xtreme Design! (Tip: Get some traction toward your idea by signing up on ASUS' official Facebook: )

3. Win some freaking awesome hardware to build your Xtreme Design, including an ASUS Xtreme Design motherboard, Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia Graphics, Samsung SSD, Razer Keyboard+mouse, Antec power supply, and G.Skill Memory! ASUS will select up to twenty (20) of the most innovative proposals that can show off Xtreme Design in a real working scenario. Winners will be announced for “Stage I” on Nov. 4th 2009.

Stage II:
The competition thickens! Twenty (20) “Stage I” winners will receive their prizes provided by ASUS and sponsors of Xtreme Design contest and post about their experience for 30 days in any of our participating forums! Show everyone pictures and videos of your goodies! Talk about your build! Show us your process! Give us screen-grabs of performance and tell us how you feel about Xtreme Design. Let everyone know how these parts are working as you build toward your goal! Reached your personal goal? Try to exceed it! Do whatever it takes to win!

2. The Twenty (20) winners will have an ASUS P7P55D PREMIUM motherboard + the following sponsored products to start with. You are free to design/use your own case, thermal solution, additional GPU, additional storage, additional memory to enhance your Xtreme Design.

3. Five (5) of the most engaging posters will be selected for special brand-spanking new hardware upgrades Dec. 7th.

Stage III:

1. One (1) lucky Xtreme Design champion will get a free trip with their rig to show off at the ASUS booth during CES 2010! Jan. 7th.



Intel has sponsored (20) Core i7 CPUs

The new Intel Core i7 Processor: Ultimate smart performance. This new processor features Intel Turbo Boost Technology and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, which together activate full processing power exactly where and when you need it.


Antec has sponsored (20) Quattro 850 Watt PSU

Antec's TruePower Quattro is more compact than most competing power supplies of the same wattage, yet ideally suited for handling the most demanding system specs.


G.Skill has sponsored (20) TDS series Memory kits

The G.Skill DDR 2133 CL9 4GB TDS "Trident Series memory is especially suited for overclockers, and comes equipped with the turbulence cooling fan.


Nvidia has sponsored (20) ASUS GTX260 GPUs

Configure your PC with the Power of 3 and build your new Xtreme Design PC with the three essential pieces to get an experience to match your style.

Nvidia GPU + Intel Core i5/i7 + ASUS P55 Motherboard = The power of 3!


Razer has sponsored (20) Lycosa keyboards and Deathadder mice

Execute complex combat maneuvers with swift dexterity. Launch your assaults timed to perfection. Annihilate your enemies and reign supreme on the battlefield. You now have the tactical advantage on every terrain, and your enemies' fates are in your hands.


Samsung has sponsored (20) 128GB SSD drives

An extremely efficient SSD for PCs applications, Samsung's SSD features world-class sequential read and write performance.

Thanks to all of our Sponsors and GOOD LUCK!! SHOW US WHAT YOU'VE GOT!!

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