Asus Video Contest Entry Makes For Compelling Promo Spot?

Asus has without doubt made a name for themselves over the years, whether you consider the long-standing brand name recognition in components like motherboards, or their more recent storm of the market with netbooks and notebooks like the hugely popular Eee PC series.  Formerly a Taiwanese ODM brand more recognized by techies in the know, now Asus adorns competitive shelf space at Best Buy, product feeds at Amazon and plenty of other mainstream retailers.  In fact, (an inside tip for you Gents; thank us later...) as the case may be, carrying an Asus machine may just get you noticed with the ladies.  Hey now... let's roll it.

Asus Break Loose with Asus contest entry, not an officially endorsed commercial

Asus' brand success is undeniable but then again, so is the regular butchering of the pronunciation company's name.  Let's face it, you say "tomayto", we say "tomato" but at the end of the day these fine ladies can say it pretty much whatever way they like.  Who are we to argue?  Convertible tablet-netbook anyone?