Asus Unveils 1GB GeForce 8800 GT

ASUS Unleashes the World’s First EN8800GT Graphics Card with 1GB of Qimonda GDDR3 On-Board Memory

-- Enjoy games at high resolutions with maximum quality settings --

FREMONT, CA (December 6, 2007) – ASUS, worldwide leader in component and notebook design and manufacturing, today released the world’s first EN8800GT graphics card with 1GB of Qimonda memory: The EN8800GT/HTDP/1G. Rocking NVIDIA’S latest generation Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and an unparalleled amount of memory, this card is designed to provide a feature-rich DirectX 10 gaming and multimedia playback experience at ultra-high resolutions and maximum quality settings. Additionally, with the new integrated SmartDoctor feature, users have the option to overclock the Shader Clock to achieve graphical performance boosts of more than 10%, while the unique Glaciator Fansink keeps the GPU running at temperatures that are up to 7ºC cooler than reference designed boards.

Unprecedented Performance with 1GB of Qimonda GDDR3 Memory
"From what our customers tell us, discerning gamers demand hardware that can truly unleash immersive graphics and unreal gaming performance. Our approach is to combine the most powerful GPU from NVIDIA with 1GB of high speed Qimonda GDDR3 memory,” said C.P. Wu, General Manager of ASUS Graphics and Multimedia Business. “We are proud to be the first manufacturer to introduce such revolutionary product,” continued Wu.  Even a powerful GPU can suffer from performance bottlenecks due to slow and insufficient memory. The more embedded memory a video card has the more data it can store, and therefore eliminating the need to use slower system memory. To address the requirements of today’s resource intensive PC games, the new ASUS video card offers not only more memory but faster memory. The end result is users can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience without lag or stuttering even at extremely high resolutions and with the maximum quality settings turned on.

“We are glad that Qimonda could offer ASUS this ultimate memory solution, which enables us to offer this leading product for the graphic card market”, said Robert Feurle, Vice President of Business Unit Graphics at Qimonda.

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