Asus UL30Vt: A 13" Ultraportable With Switchable GPUs

We had the pleasure of reviewing Asus' UL30A back in September, but now it seems that another model has popped onto the scene. The UL30Vt is landed just after the Windows 7-packed UL80Vt, and just like the others in the UL line, this one also features switchable graphics for those looking to game at times and save battery during the other times.

There's also a promised 12 hour battery life (somehow we doubt that'll be true under real-world conditions), a Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor, DDR3 RAM and a chassis that's under 1-inch thick. It also classifies as an ultraportable with its 13" display, and if the integrated Intel GPU isn't cutting it, the GeForce G210M can be selected to push higher frame rates.

There's no mention just yet on pricing, but as with the other UL machines, we're guessing it'll be reasonable.

UnLimited Performance with ASUS Turbo33 Technology

The ASUS UL30Vt features the ground-breaking ASUS Turbo33 Technology, which integrates both hardware and software to enhance system performance by up to 33%. This turn of speed is almost twice faster compared to notebooks without ASUS Turbo33 Technology. It enables you to enjoy smoother videos, online streaming and various other forms of multimedia without a hitch for entertainment unlimited.

UnLimited Performance with Intel Core™2 Duo Processor and DDR3 Memory

ASUS UL30Vt is powered by Intel Core™ 2 Duo SU7300 Processor for its ability to provide the best multitasking performance while using less energy. It also features the latest DDR3 memory, which delivers faster data transfer rates and consumes 17% less power compared to DDR2 memory.
UnLimited Portability: Stylishly Thin and Less than 1-inch Thick Profile

Feast your eyes upon the ASUS UL30Vt, with a profile measuring less than 1-inch. Its aluminum alloy structure accords you with style and grace as you make your way through the day. It fits effortlessly into your day bag, haversack or briefcase, and with the brushed aluminum design, it shrugs off scratches and abrasions, protecting its gorgeous exterior.

UnLimited Versatility: ASUS GraphiX Boost Technology for Switchable Graphics

The ASUS UL30Vt features a 13-inch high definition LED backlight display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, with graphics supported by GraphiX Boost technology. It allows users to maintain a balance between surreal graphics performance and battery conservation. The ASUS GraphiX Boost allows users to switch between a dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce® G 210M graphics card for graphically intensive applications, and Intel® integrated graphics options for better energy savings.
UnLimited All-day Computing with Up To 12 Hours Battery Life

The ASUS UL30Vt features an impressive 12-hours battery life*, thanks to the ASUS Power4 Gear Technology, which facilitates the deployment and usage of power according to the users’ preferences in relation to the specific tasks that they need to perform. It also provides users with the option to turn off hardware devices to conserve even more energy, and works in conjunction with an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor for maximum energy efficiency.