ASUS To Ship Laptops and Desktops with Leap Motion Control Technology

Forget touch input, with everything it offers and how it can change the way people interact with their computers; ASUS is looking to leap ahead of touch input by bundling motion control technology from Leap Motion with some high end laptops and all-in-one desktops yet this year.

Leap Motion claims that its technology can track movements of all ten fingers down to 1/100th millimeter in a 150-degree area with no visible lag, at 290 FPS. Currently, Leap Motion offers a $70 controller (for preorder) about the size of a man’s thumb that delivers the motion control capabilities, and from the language of the press release, it sounds as though ASUS will simply be throwing a controller in with some of its computers rather than actually integrating the technology into the machine.

Leap Motion

Of course, actual integration could come in the not-too-distant future; Leap Motion has already managed to create a fairly tiny controller, and we imagine that ASUS’ engineers could shrink it further.

It’s also worth mentioning that we haven’t seen a live demo of the technology in action, but if Leap Motion’s impressive demo video is to be believed, motion control could be coming to your computer sooner rather than later.

Motion control is nothing new--Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have of course all integrated it into their gaming consoles--but using it to control a PC is, if nothing else, intriguing.