Asus' Tiny New Pocket Router Creates Your Own Personal Hotspot

Kanex's mySpot sure looks a lot like Asus' newest product -- or, should say that the other way around? Whatever the case, it appears that the travel-friendly router is sure getting smaller, with Asus' new WL-330NUL USB pocket router being the latest on the block. It's a tiny, tiny device, with an Ethernet jack on one end and a flip-out USB connector on the other. Essentially, you simply plug a live Ethernet cable in, connect the USB end to either your laptop or a power port, and watch as a Wi-Fi network is created. The dongle supports 802.11b/g/n, and it should ship around a month from now. Unfortunately, there's no word on price, but surely avid travelers will be willing to pay a premium for something so tiny.

If you're wondering what use this would be, picture this: showing up in a hotel room with a hardwire Ethernet connection. Plug this in, add power, and suddenly you've got your own Wi-Fi network that your portable devices, laptop, smartphone, etc. can tap into.