Asus Spikes Plans For 3G-Enabled Transformer Prime

The Transformer Prime saga is just getting strange. After being one of the most highly anticipated Android tablets to date, Asus saw numerous troubles with Wi-Fi and GPS complains aplenty. The company has since removed the mention of GPS from the Prime's specification list, but that's not quieting the masses. To add fuel to a raging fire, Asus announced the next-gen Prime at CES last week, boasting a wildly dense 1920x1200 resolution, an improved processor and (again) no GPS. So, with the next-gen Prime making the existing one look like old hat, what else could possibly go wrong?

This. Asus has told Focus Taiwan that no 3G version of the original Prime will be sold, contrary to earlier reports that such a device would indeed surface eventually. At this point, those holding off for a 3G Prime will probably just hold off for the TF700T and its high-res display, but still, one has to wonder how this launch has become so wonky.