Asus Showcases Marine Cool Concept Motherboard

Asus already lit up the LAN party section with its mATX ROG Rampage II GENE motherboard, but now it's appealing to the masses with this wicked cool (in more ways than one) concept motherboard. In the days leading up to CeBIT's launch in Germany, Asus has decided to remove the veil covering its Marine Cool Concept Motherboard, a beauty in its own right even aside from its technological innovations.

The stunning board, which is obviously aimed at high-end gamers, will be on display in the company's booth next week. One of the main features Asus will be marketing is its new backplate that boasts a "micro-porous ceramic" technology, which supposedly delivers quicker heat dissipation and should also improve the structural integrity of the entire board. By being able to dissipate heat more efficiently, it will also be able to handle overclocking more easily. Gamers, have we got your attention yet?

Another standout feature is the board's use of two SO-DIMM memory slots, replacing the traditional, desktop-grade DIMM slots. This move enables it to save space for other components (or airflow, we guess), but it will force you to think about your future RAM purchases more intently. We should know more about this board in the coming days, and hopefully Asus will decide to move it beyond the prototype stage and into production. If there were ever a mobo screaming for a clear case to house it in, this would be it.