ASUS Sells Half A Billion Motherboards, Celebrates With Global Giveaway

If you rolled your own rig, there's a good chance you're rocking a motherboard made by ASUS. As one of the pioneering forces in the DIY PC category, ASUS has a long and storied history of building enthusiast oriented boards, and today it's the leading manufacturer of motherboards, keeping Gigabyte an arm's length away in the race to sell the most hardware. And to date, ASUS has sold over half a billion motherboards since the company was formed in 1989.

To celebrate hitting its 500 millionth motherboard milestone, ASUS is kicking off a global competition in which fans and followers around the world can both learn a little bit about the company's history and win some prizes, culminating in a Z97 PC in an ASUS TUF case mod.

Asus 1989
Four engineers founded ASUS in 1989, setting up business in a small Taiwan apartment.

"I want to thank all of our customers for their support throughout the past 25 years. We share a common passion for technology and their inputs have enabled us to grow on this journey in search of incredible," ASUS chairman Jonney Shih said in a statement. "We are committed to delivering more innovation to market and we aim to bring a seamless and joyful digital life for everyone to enjoy."

To enter the contest, first head over to the campaign website ASUS put up. While there, take some time to scroll through the timeline dating back to the company's humble beginnings consisting of just four engineers setting up shop in a small Taiwan apartment. It's an interesting trip back in time that shows how ASUS brand motherboards have evolved over the years, along with various interesting nuggets.

Asus ISA-386C
The first mass produced motherboard by ASUS (ISA-386C)

Once you've done that, scroll back up to put your name in the hat. There are two ways to enter the contest -- the first is by sharing the event page with hashtag #ASUSMB1st, and the second is by taking a quiz regarding the company's 25-year history (links for both are on the campaign page).

Even if you don't plan on entering the contest, timeline is still worth visiting. Though if you do enter, good luck!