Asus Selects Amimon For WHDI Wireless Streaming

And now, the wireless streaming war really begins. Intel has their Wireless Display technology. There's WDHI. There's Wireless HD. And even HP has a new dongle out with an undisclosed technology underneath. And now, it's Asus' turn. The company responsible for the Eee PC netbook craze has just sided with Amimon, enabling their WiCast Wireless PC to TV product line to come to Asus' product labs. Asus has also elected to join the WDHI Consortium, which signals that this is far from the last wireless WHDI device that Asus will have a hand in.

The new kit is fairly simple in concept: it allows users to connect their PC (desktop, notebook or netbook) to their TVs. The device will be available later this month, and it will interface with any HDTV via HDMI. Better still, this adapter is powered by a notebook's USB port, so they're super easy to transport and use on various machines. Pricing information remains hidden, but we're hoping to see more of this stuff integrated into Asus machines as well.

ASUS Selects AMIMON for Its WiCast Wireless PC to TV Product Line and Joins WHDI Consortium
Now Consumers Can Watch All Their PC Connect Easily on Their HDTV via AMIMON’s No-Latency Wireless HDTV Link

Santa Clara, CA & Taipei, Taiwan – August 31, 2010 – AMIMON, the market leader in wireless HDTV semiconductor solutions announced today it has been selected by ASUS for its upcoming WiCast EW2000 PC to TV connectivity kit. The WiCast is based on AMIMON’s WHDI™ (Wireless Home Digital Interface™) technology; it enables users to wirelessly connect their PC (desktop, notebook or netbook) to their TVs. The AMIMON based wireless PC to TV connectivity products from ASUS will be available in September this year. Additionally, ASUS has also announced that it will join the WHDI consortium as an adopter.

The AMIMON based ASUS WiCast adapters will enable a simple and easy connection between any PC and TV. The adapters will come as a set (HD video transmitter and receiver) in a compact consumer friendly design, and will interface to the PC and TV via HDMI. Adding to the ease-of-use, the adapters are powered by the PC’s USB ports making them highly portable for use with notebooks and netbooks.

With the AMIMON based ASUS wireless PC to TV products consumers can view the entire content of their desktop, notebook or netbook screen on their TV. Content such as Internet video, flash media, digital photos and PC games can all be viewed and experienced on the TV with a convenient wireless connection. AMIMON’s technology has no noticeable latency (less than one millisecond) enabling consumers to enjoy full interactive PC applications on their TV, including gaming. In addition to PCs, the WiCast can connect to any source device with an HDMI port such as set-top-boxes (STBs) and gaming consoles to enable a wireless connection from devices with HDMI ports.

“ASUS is the first to offer consumers wireless PC to TV products based on AMIMON’s WHDI technology. Several other PC to TV connectivity products will be launched later this year, including notebooks and tablet PCs with embedded WHDI modules,” said David Shefler, vice president of sales and business development for AMIMON. “WHDI, with its high quality, low latency and low power consumption, is the only solution that will enable all portable computing, gaming and HD source devices to wirelessly connect to TVs.”

“AMIMON’s WHDI is an ideal technology for wireless PC to TV connectivity; it offers a high-quality, robust link enabling wireless HD video and graphics with practically zero latency giving PC users seamless interaction,” said James Lai, director of product marketing at ASUS. “Joining the WHDI consortium will enable us to develop WHDI standard based products like PCs embedded with WHDI that interface directly to WHDI TVs.”

The ASUS WiCast products will feature AMIMON’s second generation chipset, AMN2120/2220, enabling robust, high-quality wireless 1080p 60Hz in the 5GHz unlicensed band. The HD wireless video technology from AMIMON is the basis of the WHDI standard.

The AMIMON based modules inside the ASUS wireless PC to TV products are developed by Quanta Microsystems, Inc. (QMI). Additionally, the AMIMON technology implements HDCP revision 2.0 enabling wireless viewing on the TV of all PC content including Blu-Ray movies and DRM protected content.

ASUS is the latest major CE manufacturer to join the WHDI consortium. They add to the growing membership of the WHDI organization, its membership consists of the top CE companies from around the world, including companies such as: AMIMON, Haier, Hitachi, LG Electronics, Maxim, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba.
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