ASUS ROG Phone II Snapdragon 855 Plus Flagship Leak Shows Refreshed Design, Sweet 120Hz Display

What appear to be the first real images (read: not renders) of ASUS's upcoming ROG Phone II have found their way to the web, and in the process, reveal a carbon copy physical design compared to the first generation variant. At least as it pertains to the front of the phone, we are hard pressed to spot any changes. More on that in a moment.

Here is what we know about the ROG Phone II. It will have a 120Hz display, up from a 90Hz, bringing it in line with competing gaming phones like the Razer Phone (released in 2017) and Razer Phone 2 (released in 2018).

ASUS also recently confirmed that the ROG Phone II will rock a newly minted Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor. The plus variant is essentially a binned version of the regular Snapdragon 855, with faster clocks—the Kryo 485 Prime core runs at 2.96GHz (versus 2.84GHz), while the Adreno 640 GPU likely runs at around 672MHz (up from 585MHz), based on Qualcomm's claim of a 15 percent bump in GPU performance.

Everything else is speculation, including the design. That is where these pics come into play. They showed up on Weibo, with the user who posted them saying they were sent by a friend. Assuming they are real, it looks like ASUS will be sticking with the same overall shape and design, with rounded corners, bezels at the top and bottom, and the front-facing camera plopped in the upper-right corner.

It's hard to tell if the panel will be bigger or (less likely) smaller. There are also no photos of the back or side edges. One of the nifty features of the ROG Phone is a USB-C port on the left side, so that users can more comfortably charge the phone when using it in landscape mode. That's also where a proprietary "side-mount connector" sits for use with various accessories.

As for the display panel, one of the photos highlights the new 120Hz refresh rate option. There is no doubt that will be a major marketing point for ASUS. We're certainly excited to see it in action when the time comes, especially after discovering that the first-gen ROG Phone is not only a fantastic gaming handset, but a solid Android device overall.

The ROG Phone II is rumored to launch on July 23, though that has not been confirmed.