ASUS ReverseCool GPU Cooling

The gang at X-bit Labs have posted some news regarding an innovative new cooling approach ASUS is using for their latest passive GeForce 6600 graphics card called ReverseCool. By placing the GPU on what has traditionally been the "backside" of the PCB, the heat produced by the GPU is allowed to rise upwards and is not contained by the PCB which would normally be overhead. Overall, a pretty simple but effective idea that should have a solid impact on overall temperatures.

All the typical graphics cards usually have their graphics processing unit (GPU) installed on the front-side, which means that when installed into a conventional tower computer case, the GPU does not dissipate heat in the most efficient way. Hot air typically tends to go up, which means that part of the heat conducted by the heat-sink usually returns to the GPU, which reduces overall cooling efficiency. ASUS installed graphics chip and memory on the backside of the print-circuit board to ensure that the heat goes away from the card. "With Asus exclusive ReverseCool technology, EN6600TOP Silent can be more than 30 degrees cooler than generic GF6600 and provide the quietest 0DB environment," the company claims.


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