Asus Reinvents Netbook with Eee PC X101

Conventional wisdom dictates that you don't go around trying to reinvent the wheel. It's already perfectly shaped for transportation, and while Ned the know-it-all thinks he might have a better solution, his hybrid square/triangle thingamawhatever is doomed to fail. With that in mind, is Asus off its rocker in trying something new in the netbook category?

We don't think so. The market for netbooks has cooled off considerably compared to what it once was, and everybody seems enamored with tablets these days. That might explain the fresh take Asus is taking with its Eee PC X101 netbook, a $200 machine that isn't like any other netbook you've ever owned.

In an interview with Tech in Style, Asus explained its X101 netbook, including what makes it so different from other netbooks. For starters, it sports the MeeGo operating system rather than Windows XP, Windows 7, or some alternative flavor of Linux.

"The X101 is also the slimmest netbook we've ever made," Asus Eee PC leading product manager Brian Tang explained to Tech in Style. "We wanted to target the ultra-portable market and add another option for people looking beyond netbooks and tablets. There are still people who want a simplified system for Internet and social media, etc., plus the portability of the small 10-inch form factor, but they still need a full keyboard to type on."

Asus goes on to explain how it made the X101 so thin, part of which entailed using a cooler that's even skinnier than the MacBook Air's cooler, as well as the reasoning behind the four color options, among other topics. It's an interesting read, and you can check it out here.