ASUS Radeon R9 Fury STRIX Successfully Unlocked To Fury X With Ease

Isn't it great when a bit of extra performance can be snared from a piece of PC hardware for free? It's the reason overclocking is so popular, whether it's to boost a CPU to cut down on render/encode times, or a GPU to give us a few extra frames-per-second. What's even better, though, is when a little trickery can be used to turn one product completely into another.

On the GPU side of things, this has been possible a few times in the past, and according to a proud ASUS STRIX owner, it's also apparently possible with one of the current top-end models from AMD.

In a rather subtle post made to XtremeSystems, user 2good4you shows that they managed to unlock the cores and texture fill rate on an ASUS STRIX Fury to effectively turn it into a Fury X. That's a boost of cores from 3584 to 4096, and TMU performance from 226GT/s to 256GT/s. The end result also matches the Fury X's clock speed of 1050MHz, a 50MHz increase over the regular Fury.

asus strix r9 fury 1a
ASUS' Radeon Fury STRIX Edition

Throughout this user's benchmarking and general testing, the card appears to act just like a Fury X, without any noticeable caveats. It is worth noting, of course, that if you own a Fury, you're not necessarily going to see the exact same great result. Your mileage will definitely vary, and it could very well be that this user wound up with a model that didn't have cores physically chopped off, whereas some may.

Pulling off this tweak is simple overall, but will require a bit of reading. You can download CUINFO and make the tweak. If you can't achieve the same specs as Fury X, you may still be able to back down a little bit. 2good4you increased things slowly, from 3854 cores to 3776 to 3840, and finally, to the Fury X-equivalent 4096.

If you do pull this tweak off successfully, you've effectively saved yourself 100 smackers. Not too shabby!