ASUS Project Precog Dual-Screen AI Laptop Concept Unveiled At Computex 2018

ASUS Project Precog

You never know what you will see at Computex, whether it's the demonstration of a beastly 28-core/56-thread processor by Intel, or an ASUS ROG Gaming Phone with a 90Hz display, 512GB of storage, and ultrasonic storage. ASUS has been especially active this year, not just with a new phone, but also in laptops. One of the new machines the company unveiled is Project Precog, a dual-screen laptop aimed at artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks.

Project Precog is currently in concept form, meaning it's not a shipping product and might never be. ASUS is testing the waters with the concept of the world's first convertible, dual-screen notebook with fully enhanced AI features. It has a 360-degree hinge joining the two displays, and like other 2-in-1 devices, it can be used in four modes albeit with a twist—instead of a traditional tablet mode, Project Precog can form itself into a Book, along with Stand, Flat, and Tent modes.

ASUS Project Precog

"This innovative form factor gets rid of the traditional physical keyboard and touchpad setup, replacing it with the flexibility to work as either an extended screen or as a customizable interactive interface," ASUS explains.

ASUS Project Precog

Project Precog features intelligent Touch technology to automatically recognize what the active input device is, and then change the virtual interface accordingly. For example, it will adjust the location of the virtual keyboard depending on where the user places his or her fingertips. And when a stylus touches the lower screen, it automatically adjusts itself into stylus mode.

Project Precog

As for the AI aspect of Project Precog, ASUS is being a little loosey-goosey with the terminology. Project Precog doesn't feature any Tensor Cores or anything of that magnitude, but it does support Windows Cortana (naturally, as it presumably runs Windows 10) and Amazon Alexa voice services. It also supports Intel's Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU), as does the company's ZenBook Pro 14, a 14-inch version of the ZenBook Pro 15 we wrote about earlier today.

ASUS did not say if it plans to bring Project Precog to market, so there is no information about pricing and availability at this time.