Renders Showcase ASUS Prime Z690 For Alder Lake With DDR5 And DDR4 RAM Support

Asus z690 motherboard hero
As was the case with the move to DDR4 memory with Skylake and the move to DDR3 with Core 2-series processors, Intel's first DDR5-enabled platform is also backward-compatible with DDR4 SDRAM. That means that we'll be seeing motherboards for Intel's Alder Lake-series processors that accept DDR4 memory instead of DDR5 memory—and possibly boards that can accept either, although we're not looking at here. Instead, we can give you a glance at the upcoming ASUS Z690 PRIME series of motherboards.

Folks who don't pay attention to motherboard vendor product stacks may not be aware that PRIME was once a mid-range brand for ASUS. These days, it's sorta fallen in status as ROG conquers the high-end and TUF wedges its way into the mid-range. We'd reckon that ASUS probably moves more Prime boards than either of the other two, though; historically speaking, they've been great motherboards with reasonable feature sets at competitive prices.


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Source: Videocardz

These pictures come to us by way of Videocardz, who snagged renders of four of the upcoming Z690 PRIME motherboards from an unnamed source. The site reports that ASUS is planning to launch as many as ten motherboards in the PRIME series bearing Intel 600 series chipsets. Purportedly, some of those boards will come bearing DDR4 DIMM slots, while they reckon that at least one will have a Mini-PCIe slot.

As you can see, these boards bear stark resemblance to the ASUS Z590 PRIME boards, but that's not surprising at all considering the history of products in this series. You can head over there to see the full-sized images or check out a comparison of the current-gen and next-gen models.