ASUS Launches Entire New Line Of Sizzling ROG Gaming Machines And Components

ASUS’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) motherboards have been around for a while, and ASUS has rolled out some solid pieces of ROG-branded hardware to go along with them, but the company has taken things to a whole new level by launching an entire lineup of ROG-branded gaming machines that includes a desktop, a console, a gaming notebook, a graphics card, and a monitor.


The ROG G20 gaming desktop is a SFF rig with no visible exhaust vents--it relies on a hidden airflow tunnel and natural convection for cooling--and ASUS claims it offers near-silent performance. Under the hood it rocks a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 GPU, and it’s designed in part to run SteamOS.


Speaking of SteamOS, ASUS’ other new ROG box is an even smaller “gaming console” called the GR8. The extra compact PC is clearly designed with SteamOS in mind, and it features an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti GPU, and the same quiet operation as the G20. IT also sports SupremeFX audio, 4K support, Miracast support, an Intel GameFirst III LAN, and upgradeable storage.

ROG GX5000

Those aren’t the only ROG systems, though; ASUS has a new gaming notebook with the ROG GX5000, an “ultra cool, ultra thin” lappie measuring just 0.75 inches thick and weighing 4.85lbs. THe 15.6-inch machine runs an Intel COre i7 chip with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics, and its rocks a 4K (3840x2160) display.

Ares III

The Ares III is the latest ASUS ROG graphics card, which packs in two AMD Radeon Hawaii XT GPUs on a single card for 8GB of GDDR5 memory. The water-cooled cards will be a precious commodity, though, as ASUS is only making 500 of them.

ROG Swift

To view all the content that these systems can produce, you’ll want an ASUS ROG Swift (PG278Q) monitor. The 27-inch panel offers a 2560x1440 resolution and supports NVIDIA G-Sync technology. It boasts a refresh rate of 144Hz, although you can toggle between 144Hz, 120Hz, and 60Hz with a single button click, and it has a response rate of 1ms.

ROG Ranger

The company of course also announced some new Z97-based ROG motherboards, which we’ve discussed already, but in brief, there’s the Maximus VII Formula (ATX) and Maximus VII Impact (mini ITX) as well as the Crossblade Ranger, which is an AMD FM2+ board that includes most of the ROG features including SupremeFX 2014, Gigabit Ethernet, GameFirst III network optimization, and KeyBot instant keyboard upgrade utility.

Look for the above to drop in July or in Q3.