Asus Laptop Prototype With Built-in Projector

One of the more curious items spied at this week's Computex trade show in Taipei, is an Asus laptop prototype with a built-in mini projector. There is still not too much known about the unlabeled notebook, other than that the laptop has a large space above the display's bezel, in which a working, pivoting mini projector is housed.

Mini projectors are just now starting to hit the market. Earth Trek recently just released its
90-805R mini projector, and Samsung showed off its P400 Pocket Projector prototype in May. Both Texas Instruments and 3M have developed micro-projector technologies, which will be driving many of these new mini projectors.

In fact, Foxconn was displaying a micro projector at Computex, which uses a Texas Instruments DLP chip.
Engadget reports: "Foxconn's PD-W1001, which features a 0.3-inch Texas Instruments DLP chip, WVGA (854 x 480) resolution and 25 Lm -- all within a 55- x 46- x 26-millimeter package that weighs just 65-grams."

Engadget also reports on the
Honlai MP100 LED mini projector, which "utilizes LCoS micro-projection technology and can throw up a 640 x 480 image between 5- and 37-inches. We're also hearing that it packs a modest 200:1 contrast ratio and a lamp good for some 20,000 hours of use. Not a peep on pricing / availability..."

It is starting look as though the mini-projector revolution is in full swing. Not only are frequent business travelers who give presentations going to benefit from these technology advances, but expect to also see the technology used in innovative ways for advertising in retail spaces.