Asus Introduces Eee PC 1001PX With Atom N450

Will the Eee PC netbook line ever end? It's a reasonable question, but at the current point in time, we can't see it ever fading completely away. Asus helped to make the netbook popular as a segment, and the Eee PC is still widely known as the go-to netbook line. The new Eee PC Seashell line is the company's most recent attempt to overhaul the original, and these are generally viewed as the "stylish" netbooks, slim and sleek and packed with long battery life.

The Eee PC 1001PX is the newest in a long line of portable, low-cost machines, with this one using Windows 7 Starter and promising "all day computing" with a battery capable of lasting for nine hours on a full charge. It also relies on Intel's new Atom N450 CPU, and unlike many other Asus notebooks, the keyboard here is the more traditional type (and not the chicklet type). Other specs include a 0.3MP webcam, optional Bluetooth, a 10.1" LED backlit display, a multi-touch trackpad, 1GB or 2GB of RAM, a 2.5" hard drive (160GB or 250GB), VGA output and a card reader.

Asus should start shipping the machine soon, with prices starting at $279.