Asus Introduces CG8490 Gaming Desktop And ROG G53 3D Laptop

You may say that Asus has spent the bulk of their time lately catering to those who want a revolution in mobile computing, but there's still love left for the hardcore gamers, too. Following the company's introduction of the EeePad and EeeTablet, we've learned of two major introductions in the Republic of Gamers arena: the CG8490 desktop and the G53 laptop.

The first is an outright monster, with a huge, intimidating black shell and Intel's cutting-edge Core i7-980X six-core processor. There's also 12GB of DDR3 memory, dual overclocked ATI Radeon HD5870 GPUs, support for Eyefinity graphics, DirectX 11 support and a rather massive air-cooling system. On the notebook side, the G53 is leading the way, with a 15.6" LCD, HDMI 1.4 port and 3D Vision support, which makes this the world's first 15" gaming notebook that also supports 3D Vision. There's also USB 3.0, a backlit keyboard and a bundled set of Active Shutter 3D glasses.

Moving on, there's a 17.3" G73Jw waiting in the wings for those who prefer larger panels, bringing 3D support to a 17" gaming notebook and boasting next-generation NVIDIA graphics. The company is also showcasing the new Rampage III Extreme motherboard as well as their MATRIX5870 and ARES graphics card, both of which are detailed further below. Sadly, no price points or ship dates are given for any of this new product.

ASUS Republic of Gamers CG8490 Desktop and
G53 Notebook, Leading Choice of Champions

Throughout its full product line of desktops, notebooks, motherboards and graphics cards, ASUS ROG maintains unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of the community with constant attention to developing extreme products that bring to life gaming's most exciting aspects.

The ASUS ROG leadership role in gaming has been established through close contact with gamers around the world, with team members themselves enthusiasts. This has made bringing the finest products to market intuitive, resulting in great success.
Built to Dominate the Battlefield—CG8490 Desktop

Committed to a wide panorama of hardcore gaming, ASUS ROG motherboards and graphics cards have been the choice of gaming champions since the brand's inception in 2006. Now ASUS brings users the ultimate gaming station to combine a tradition of winning performance with uncompromising reliability. The new ROG CG8490 unleashes over 20% balanced overclocking capability* compared to reference on absolute high-end components optimized to perfection – the all new for 2010 Intel Core i7-980X six-core CPU starts proceedings, followed by a massive 12GB of fast DDR3 memory, while the dual overclocked Radeon HD5870 graphics cards not only immerse your gaming reality in three-display Eyefinity, but also do DX11 visuals justice. The unique design draws inspiration from ancient and modern armor of both Eastern and Western cultures, built tough to withstand punishment and resist degradation, while the leading-edge thermal design with multiple oversized fans banishes heat quick and gives the system superior stability.

This desktop provides reminders of how good full-on desktop gaming can be.
Notably Superior Gaming—G51 3D, G53 and G73 Notebooks

The ROG approach has led to gaming notebooks with unrelenting performance. Brand new 15.6” G53 comes hot on the heels of international sensation G73Jh, with further refined features. It has full support for 3D gaming and the new HDMI 1.4 revision, resulting in spectacular action. G53 is also the world's first 15” gaming notebook with NVIDIA's 3D Vision-enabled next generation GPU.

The distinctive F117 stealth bomber design is inherited from the G73Jh, and also deploys aggressive cooling and an illuminated keyboard to ensure prolonged gaming enjoyment.

The new 17.3” G73Jw model features the worldwide premiere of NVIDIA's new generation mobile GPU platform on a 1080p 3D-ready notebook, adding full 3D support and sheer graphics muscle to the popular king of notebook gaming, the G73 range. It stands as one of the most powerful gaming machines available, and together with the G51 3D, sets the standard for 3D excitement in the home and on the move. The new G73Jw also packs NVIDIA's next generation GPU for smooth, realistic three dimensional gaming action.

For true aficionados, these are the ultimate extreme performance portable gaming choice.
Immensity Shows ROG Leadership—Lucid and onboard GPU

ASUS ROG leads the market for both Intel and AMD gamers with motherboard solutions that bring out the best in hardcore performance. New super-motherboard Immensity, now still in the concept stage and to be shown at Computex, will display Lucid, a technology that makes it possible to bridge at least two graphics cards regardless of chipset or vendor. Immensity will also deploy with the incredible addition of an onboard GPU, the first motherboard in the world to do this in conjunction with Lucid technology. This guarantees unequalled performance and flexibility for serious users.

The Rampage III Extreme features Intel's X58/ICH10R chipset, plus exclusive overclocking tools such as ROG Connect, OC Kit, RC Bluetooth and now all-new iPhone-based overclocking control. These have made it an official benchmarking record breaker, while the Extreme Engine Digi+ thermal design ensures stability even under extreme stress, so overclocking can be done safely.

Likewise, the Crosshair IV Formula brings gratuitous gaming and tuning enjoyment to AMD builds, including the world's first dual-channel 2000MHz DDR3 for AMD, adding the benefit of Core Unlocker to the mix – users can tap hidden cores on new AMD CPUs. Turbo Key II makes for complete overclocking control, while GameFirst guarantees better performance in online gaming.
Unstoppable Graphics—MATRIX5870 and ARES cards

On the path to photorealistic immersion, ASUS ROG shows the way with better implementation of graphics card technology. The MATRIX5870 takes AMD's design and bolsters it with added features such as iTracker 2, ProbeIt and the Super Hybrid Engine, garnering superlative overclocking potential balanced with excellent power efficiency.

The gargantuan ARES super-card comes in as one of the world's most powerful desktop graphics card solutions, with total gaming muscle in the form of twin Radeon 5870 cores, 4GB GDDR5 and massive cooling.

Both of these powerhouses enable complete gaming and overclocking freedom, coupled with native DX11 support and the unique ROG flair for design.

With this strong, diverse lineup of solutions for every kind of gamer, ASUS ROG stands as the clear lead choice in PC gaming gear. The brand's following remains especially strong among avid DIY gamers looking to build their own rigs, and thanks to the efforts of ASUS ROG members, the community can expect many more years of extreme performance and trend-setting design.