Asus Introduces AIR3 iPod HD Wireless Speakers

The ASUS AIR3: High Definition Speakers for iPod with Internet Radio

HDSS® Certified Speaker Provides Natural, Real, and Clear Sound Quality for a World of Music and Home Entertainment

Taipei, Taiwan, December 23, 2008
– ASUS, world-leading provider of digital home solutions, has today launched the new ASUS AIR3, which integrates an iPod speaker with Internet radio—a combination designed to fulfill the needs of any discerning audiophile. An exquisite design stylishly envelopes the HDSS® (High Definition Sound Standard) certified speakers, and the ETL™ (Embedded Transmission Line) module within the chambers provide natural, real and clear sound quality.

Superior Audio Enjoyment with HDSS® ETL™ Certified Speakers
The AIR3 is equipped with HDSS® certified speakers with embedded ETL™ modules. The ETL™ module is a physical structure inside the chambers that reorganizes sound energy to reduce the disruptive vibration that would otherwise make listeners feel fatigued and uncomfortable. With ETL™, the AIR3 is able to deliver audio relaxation to users with pristine clarity. Besides adopting the ETL™ module in the chamber design, the AIR3 also utilizes a TI (Texas Instruments) class-D audio power amplifier TPA3120D2 to deliver perfect sounds, delivering cinematic audio reproduction for a home entertainment experience that is truly relaxing.

Multi-functions to Fulfill All Audio Needs

    * Speakers for iPod
      The AIR3 is compatible with all iPods (except iPod shuffle) through its HDSS® speakers, and charges the iPod concurrently while playing audio files. Also, the video and image files in the connected iPod can be displayed on TVs and LCD monitors connected (via S-Video and composite video) to the AIR3.

    * Internet Radio
      Internet radio provides users with music and news from around the world. Connecting to the Internet via a wired or wireless network, users can tune in to more than 10,000 radio stations worldwide. Users can choose from a wide range of categories, all simplified and categorized into their respective genres for easy listening.

    * UPnP Sharing
      By placing the AIR3 and PCs on the same network; and utilizing an UPnP-enabled application such as Windows® Media Player 11, audio files can be accessed and streamed via the AIR3. This not only provides users with an easily accessible playlist of music, but also allows for easy sharing of music with connected computer or users.

     * AUX In
      Multimedia players can be connected to the AIR3 via an Aux-In jack located at the back of the AIR3 and the bundled cable. With the flexibility to connect other audio devices to the AIR3, users can then enjoy high definition music via the AIR3’s speakers for maximum entertainment.

    * Weather Forecast
      The AIR3 provides weather forecasts for major cities around the world via the Internet, providing users with up-to-date reports on weather developments prior to making travel plans for leisure or business.

Audio Perfection Encased in Art
The AIR3 is also designed to add a touch of sophistication to any office or home. An elegant black high gloss panel, studded with subtle blue LED lighting provides a scratch resistant UV coating; while a seamless curved speaker grille shields the high definition speakers within to provide the AIR3 with sculpted, clean lines. With both the matte grille and glossy panel contrasting each other perfectly, the AIR3 is the perfect centerpiece to any home or surroundings.