ASUS H370 Mining Master Cryptocurrency Motherboard Boasts 20 Quick-Connect GPU Ports

h370 mining master
Cryptocurrency mining appears to be evening out somewhat with regards to demand on hardware, which has thankfully resulted in GPU prices heading closer towards normalcy. However, for those that are still committed to build kickass rigs to mine for cryptocurrencies, ASUS is launching the new H370 Mining Master motherboard, which is based (obviously) on Intel's H370 Coffee Lake chipset.

The LGA 1151 motherboards supports 8th generation Intel Core, Pentium and Celeron processors, and includes two DIMM slots for a maximum of 32GB DDR4-2666 memory. You'll find a single PCIe x16 slot, two SATA 6.0 Gb/sec connection and Intel GbE. However, the spec that most people want to know is how many GPU riser ports that the motherboard supports, and we're happy that inform you that the H370 Mining Master has a total of 20 ports for your GPUs.

h370 mining master feature

ASUS has also simplified the way that you attach your GPUs to the motherboard. In most traditional setups, you have the x16 adapter that plugs into your graphics card, an x1 card that plugs into the motherboard, and a USB cable to fits in between. ASUS cuts out one of the steps by incorporating vertically-mounted USB over PCI ports directly onto the motherboard, removing the need for the x1 riser card. This makes for a cleaner design, increases reliability, and makes maintaining your rig more manageable.

h370 mining master statedetection

Also included is a handy diagnostic suite to keep your mining rig operating at peak efficiency:

[GPU State Detection] scans the system at boot and indicates whether each riser port is empty, connected to a functional graphics card, or experiencing problems. The updated State Detection GUI clearly identifies the location and status of each port along with the alphanumeric code that identifies it. Onboard diagnostics are augmented by individual debug LEDs that light up when there are problems with specific system components, like the CPU or memory.

ASUS says that the H370 Mining Master motherboard will be available during the third quarter; pricing hasn't been disclosed at this time. While products like these are a boon for miners, they won’t do much to help citizens that are begging for relief from large-scale cryptocurrency mining operations, which are putting an immense amount of stress on electrical grids across the country.