ASUS Launches Google Meet Hardware Kit Running Chrome OS That Supports 4K Video

google meet kit

During the coronavirus pandemic around the world, hordes of businesses and educational institutions have turned to videoconferencing as people are unable to be in the office or the classroom. Demand for hardware to support videoconferencing has boomed, making some hardware needed to support video calls difficult to find. ASUS has announced new products that slide into the Google Meet hardware kit range.

The core component of the hardware range is the Google Meet Compute System. The device is essentially a Chromebox that runs Chrome OS and features an Intel Core i7 processor, packing 128 GB of storage. The hardware supports 4K video and can be connected to multiple displays at the same time. ASUS also integrates dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. One interesting feature is a magnetic chassis that allows the Google Meet Compute System to mount to the back of a computer display, to a wall mount, or a desk stand.

google meet hardware

The hardware lineup has a Starter Kit that includes a 4K UHD Huddly camera that has a 120-degree field of view offering coverage for up to 250 square feet. The starter kit includes a remote control for joining or ending meetings along with adjusting volume that has an integrated keyboard on the back. The last component in the kit is a speakermic with echo-cancellation and noise-suppression technology, which can be daisy-chained to support more devices for larger groups. This kit sells for around $2,088.

Another bundle aimed at small and medium rooms sells for $2,530 and promises to support up to eight people. The additional cost for this kit includes a touchscreen panel for call controls and viewing room Calendar schedules. ASUS also offers a large room kit that can cover 20 people featuring the touchscreen and speakermic, but lacking the camera, selling for $2149. All of these kits will launch in June with availability in 28 countries around the world.

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ASUS is the first hardware manufacturer to launch products since Google Meet rebranded. The search giant announced in late April that Meet videoconferencing was free for all users, aiming directly at Zoom.