Asus Extreme Design Contest Winner Showcase at CES 2010

In late October of last year we kicked off a pretty sweet contest and give-away with the folks at Asus, called the Xtreme Design Contest.  For this contest Asus was looking to stir buzz and interest in the enthusiast do-it-yourself community for their new line of P7P55 Xtreme design series motherboards and of course they were looking to unload some pretty high-end gear on some very lucky people in exchange for that buzz.  Asus reached out to HotHardware's community members and asked what they would do with the Xtreme Design features on ASUS motherboards.  They also asked what kind of Xtreme Design computer build they would put together if Asus supplied parts from sponsor partners: INTEL, NVIDIA, ANTEC, G.SKILL, RAZER, SAMSUNG.

A total of 20 winners were chosen globally and 7 of them were from HotHardware's community.  The winners were...

In fact, Zads, aka Charles Wang was chosen as the lucky grand prize winner that Asus took to CES 2010 in fabulous Las Vegas last week.  We caught up with Charlie at the Asus booth and he took us for a walk around his Xtreme system.  Have a look...

We grabbed a few close-up shots of Charlie's clear-case, water-cooled, small form-factor PC as well of course.  Charles really knows how to pack the technology in there...

Congratulations again to all the lucky winners and to Charles for taking the gold and joining us in sunny LV Nevada!  Thanks to Asus and our sponsors as well offering up such a great contest and a boatload of killer prizes.  In a word, it was indeed "Xtreme"!