Asus External Eee USB Drive Pops Up in Taiwan

In recent years, Asus has found a proven formula for success. Build a device -- even if it's already been done -- slap the "Eee" label on it, and sit back and collect the cash. That's been Asus' MO for a number of gadgets, and now it looks like we can add external storage to the list.

Some attentive folk noticed that Taiwan vendor PC Home has started selling the Asus Eee PC 30GB 1.8-inch USB drive. According to the spec sheet, it supports USB 2.0 speeds and works with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, though we see no reason why it wouldn't also run on Windows 7. Of course, portability is the name of the game here, and from the pictures, it doesn't look much bigger than a bulky smartphone.

Granted, 30GB isn't a ton of storage, but when coupled with an older netbook sporting a 160GB hard drive, or even a newer one outfitted with a 250GB drive, that extra 30GB could provide a bit of breathing room, or at least a serviceable backup for important files.