ASUS Eee Box B202 Details Emerge

A few weeks ago, we showed you some pictures of what was supposed to be the ASUS Eee Box desktop PC.  Initially, the images evoked mixed reactions from readers.  Some thought the Eee Box looked just like a Nintendo Wii, while others questioned whether or not the images were real at all.

In the weeks that followed, more news regarding the ASUS Eee Box desktop hit the web and any speculation that the images were 'faked' were eliminated.  And today, we can finally put an official stamp on the images because ASUS has revealed the final specifications for what will become the first batch of Eee Box desktop systems.  Take a look...

Name and Model: Eee Box B202
OS: Linux System / Hardware Compatible with Windows XP
Processor: Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz, FSB 533)
Memory: DDRII 512 MB / 1 GB / 2 GB (see US configs below)
Storage: 80 GB / 120 GB / 160 GB / 250 GB (see US configs below)
Chipset: 945GSE + ICH7M
VGA: On-board Intel GMA 950, 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution
Networking: 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN, 802.11n WLAN, Bluetooth optional
SD/MMC/MS slot: SD, SDHC, Mini SD, (Micro SD through adapter) ; MMC, MMC plus, MMC4.x, RS MMC, RSMMC4.x (MMC mobile through adapter);MS,MS PRO
Audio: Azalia ALC888 Audio Chip


Front Ports:
USB x  2
Card Reader x  1
Headphone-out jack (WO/SPDIF) x  1
MIC x  1

Rear Ports:
USB 2.0 x  2
Gigabit LAN x  1
DVI out x  1
Line-Out (L/R) with S/PDIF x  1
WiFi antenna

19Vdc, 4.74A, 65W power adaptor
Mouse (optional)
Keyboard (optional)
VESA mount (optional)
WiFi antenna

Dimensions: 8.5” x 7” x 1”
Net Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Gross Weight: 6.6 lbs.

US Configurations and MSRP: 
$269 - 1GB memory + 80GB HDD Linux edition
$299 - 1GB memory + 80GB HDD XP edition
$299 -  2GB memory + 160GB HDD Linux edition

As you can see from the information above, the Eee Box is based on the low-power Intel Atom processor and configurations with 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB of RAM will be available.  Although we've have the actual dimensions posted here, we've also snagged an image from ASUS' booth at Computex that really gives a sense of scale.  In the image to the left, the Eee Box is standing next to a paperback book and if you disregard the stand, the Eee Box is actually smaller than the book.  Talk about tiny.

One drawback to the diminutive Eee Box's form factor is that the machines do not feature an optical drive.  But there is plenty of connectivity, so we don't view the lack of an optical drive as a big detriment.  The addition of a simple USB DVD will do the trick.

We haven't fired up an Eee Box for ourselves just yet, but it is safe to say these systems will feature Linux and Windows operating system installations that are very similar to the Eee PC mini-notebooks.  Pricing is said to be in-line with the Eee PC philosophy as well.  A 2GB model with a 160GB hard drive will cost only $299.

We’re expecting the Eee Box to hit the market in the US in mid-July. For French-speaking Canadians, a French Linux version will be available the following month.
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