Asus DRW-0804P & Some News

Good afternoon, and welcome back HotHardware fans! We've just posted a review of the Asus DRW-0804P 8X DVD+/-R Burner. While there are quite a few 8X DVD burners already on the market, there aren't many others that boast 8X burning capabilities on both +R and –R media. Asus' drive, however, is able to do just that. We've compared the DRW-0804P's features and performance to the popular Plextor 708A.  Click this link to check it out...

While I'm here, I thought I'd serve up another shot of news.  It's been flowing in at a pretty good clip, so there's quite a bit to get to.  Here's the latest...

 Neoseeker Samsung 192MP Review:

"Previously, we reviewed the 173MW as a desktop monitor replacement with a TV tuner built into the monitor. While this undoubtedly describes a certain portion of the buyers, another portion of the buyers are looking for a standalone thin-profile television without needing a PCI tuner for TV decoding. Taking this into account, the decision should not only be one where you are looking buy a monitor with TV card capabilities, but you are purchasing an LCD TV with desktop hookup capabilities as well. From this point of view, the comparison should not only be with other desktop LCDs, but also with standalone LCD TVs (such as Sharp's Aquos line)."

 Thermaltake Polo12 410w ATX PSU & Accessories @ The Crucible:

"Thermaltake's products have continually impressed me. The Polo12 is no exception. While this product is suited more to the basic user, the power supply unit is quite good. The rails did tend to flex a little more than what I would have hoped, but not enough to cause any issues."

 Thermaltake's UV LED Y Cable @

"If you don't have enough molex plugs on your power supply for all your fans and what not, one way to remedy this is to use a Y cable. This simple cable attachment connects to one of your power supply molex and splits it into two, giving you an extra plug. Now a Y cable is nothing to get too excited about, it's used more for necessity instead of style. That is until Thermaltake came along with their UV LED Y Cable."

 3-Way SFF PC Comparo: Biostar, Epox, FIC @ ExplosiveLabs:

"An area that did lack with SFF PC's was performance. As their intention was not to replace traditional larger PC's or attract the enthusiast market at its introduction stage, performance was not a key issue. However as time went by we began to see a shift in what these PC's were capable of. Much of this change has to do with advancements in chipsets, cooling, power, and design."

 Skyhawkgroup SMC7261 / SMC7260 Review @

"This is probably one of the best looking enclosures for EPIA boards which I've seen in a long time. One more note on the two different front designs: the aluminum front looks slightly cooler but it has a slight curvature which makes it look a little awkward next to the flat optical drive. The plastic front on the other hand is completely flat. Why no flat aluminum front is available is something I personally don't understand. All in all the case simply looks stunning on my desk!"

 GeIL 1GB Dual-Channel PC-4000 RAM Review @ OverclockersClub:

"Though we didn't get to see if the GeIL could overclock past 250FSB, the numbers it produced for what it was marketed as were more then suitably impressive, blowing past our competitor PMI RAM. The RAM itself gave us flawless memtest86+ results, and beyond that, they look fantastic. GeIL has really paid attention to detail in that these modules perform well, they give some great speeds, and it allows overclockers to really reach that next level in overclocking their systems in sync with their RAM - running at 3.5GHz at 1000FSB was a really kickass experience for me, and I'm sure it will be for many other overclockers as well."

That's just about going to do it for now.  See you soon!

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