ASUS Delivers 10 Days Of Battery Life With Fitness-Focused VivoWatch

It’s all starting to make sense now. Back in late January, ASUS chairman Jonney Shih remarked that future smartwatches from his company would have much longer battery life than what we’ve seen with its first offering: the Android Wear-powered ZenWatch. "As a companion device, its central processing unit and operating system should be more simplified than the current version, so that I can use it for up to seven days on one charge, rather than for just two days,” said Shih.

Now we’re seeing the result of ASUS’ efforts to improve the battery for its smartwatches, and it’s the VivoWatch. Rather than the merely adequate 2 days of battery life that you’ll get with the ZenWatch, the VivoWatch instead gives users a whopping 10 days of battery life — equal to that of the Pebble Time Steel.


But ASUS hasn’t found some new breakthrough in battery technology to achieve this remarkable boost in battery life; the VivoWatch is being billed as more of a fitness-minded wearable than a full-featured smartwatch (that means you won’t be seeing Android Wear on this device). And since it doesn’t have to be everything to everybody, ASUS can focus in on the features that matter most to its target audience.

The VivoWatch comes equipped with a stainless steel body (IP67 water/dust resistance rating), heart-rate and sleep monitoring, and a black and white display which is sure to help with battery life. There also appears to be a separate green-colored indicator bar embedded near the bottom of the display.

We currently don’t have any idea how much the VivoWatch will cost, but we expect to hear more when it makes its official debut on April 14 in Milan.