Asus Chairman Shih Says Windows RT is On the Back Burner

Even Microsoft is having a tough time selling Surface RT tablets built around its Windows RT platform, so where does that leave its hardware partners who adopted the ARM-friendly operating system for their own devices? In a precarious situation, that's where. It's not entirely clear if Windows RT is the problem, or if lower priced Android tablets are stealing the show, but whatever the reason for slow sales, Asus chairman Jonney Shih isn't willing to keep betting on the platform.

Shih sat for a spell with All Things D to speak about its tablet strategy and the state of Windows RT devices, saying about the latter, "The result is not very promising." He was referring to both the Surface RT and his company's own VivoTab RT.

Asus VivoTab RT

Looking ahead, Shih for the time being is putting Windows RT on the back burner. He's not willing to completely dismiss the possibility that Asus might build more Windows RT devices, but for now and the foreseeable future, he's investing his company's efforts into Intel x86 devices.

Do you agree with Shih's strategy, or is he giving up on Windows RT too early in the game?