Asus Announces the VH Series LCD Monitors

ASUS Launches the VH Series of LCD Monitors for Multimedia Mavens

New Widescreen Monitors with Full HD Quality and HDMI Support Added to ASUS’ Monitor Lineup

Taipei, Taiwan, December 11, 2008 – ASUS today continued its heritage of producing high performance, richly-featured LCD monitors with the addition of new HDMI-equipped models to its lineup. Available in screen sizes ranging from 18.5" to 23.6", and driven by an array of exclusive image enhancing innovations such as Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology and ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) technology, the VH192, VH222, VH226 and VH242 are designed to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience. VH Series monitors boast a perfect aspect ratio of 16:9, ensuring the flawless playback of movies and games. Models sporting 21.5" screens and above support Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) resolution for spectacular high definition entertainment right on users’ desktops. The 18.5"W VH192C/SC adopts green power saving technology and Color Shine Technology to enable the display of brilliant images with maximum power efficiency. VH Series monitors also feature a striking design with piano black high-gloss beveled bezels that add instant flair to any home.

Monitors for Maximum Multimedia Enjoyment
ASUS VH Series LCD monitors excel at displaying multimedia, making them ideal for users who consume media across multiple platforms and in a variety of formats. An HDMI port enables the delivery of multichannel audio and uncompressed digital video through a single cable, and ensures convenient connectivity with other home entertainment devices, such as Blu-ray Disc players and game consoles. A perfect aspect ratio of 16:9 allows most widescreen content to be played back impeccably—without the additional black bars or image distortion that would be introduced on 16:10 monitors. In addition, the VH222, VH226 and VH242 support Full HD 1080p, enabling high definition movie playback and gaming. VH Series monitors are also equipped with stereo speakers and a S/PDIF audio output*, delivering remarkable audio quality for games, movies and music.

Delivers Vibrant Images with Green Power Efficiency

With global resources becoming scarcer and the impact our demands have made on the planet becoming increasingly visible, green computing has become a critical issue in recent times. The VH192C/VH192SC LCD monitor adopts green power technology which uses just two lamps to save more than 20% power consumption and an advanced optical film to ensure brilliant image performance without sacrificing brightness. The VH192C/VH192SC also incorporates the Color Shine glare-type panel to enrich image color density and saturation, clarify image borders, and further improve image clarity—perfect for watching movies or playing games. The VH192C/VH192SC offers the best of both worlds: vibrant images and optimum power efficiency.

Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology
All VH Series LCD monitors boast impressive color reproduction capabilities, thanks to ASUS’ exclusive Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology. Splendid’s™ color engine analyzes the properties of video content being played back and adjusts the displays' parameters to ensure the best possible color and image reproduction based on the nature of the user’s current task.

Splendid™ features five video preset modes (Theater, Game, Scenery, Night View and Standard) and three skin tone selections (Natural, Reddish and Yellowish) to enable users to further fine-tune the monitors to achieve specific results. Theater mode, for example, enhances the contrast and color saturation of video content to deliver a cinematic experience. Game mode adaptively brings up the dark areas of in-game scenes, enabling users to see creatures cloaked in shadow. Scenery mode increases the brightness range, introduces more contrast gradations and selectively tweaks the color saturation of key elements such as blue skies and green fields to make for more captivating land and seascapes. Night View mode smartly highlights the details in dark scenes, capturing the beauty of night footage in crisp and vibrant fashion. These five video preset modes are conveniently selectable via hotkeys, enabling users to instantly effect changes to their display settings according to their preferences.

A Host of Industry-leading Image Processing Technologies

In addition to Splendid™, VH Series LCD monitors incorporate a host of advanced image processing technologies that further bolster their performance. These include Trace Free technology that delivers a 2ms (gray-to-gray) quick response time to eliminate image ghosting*, ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) technology that amplifies the contrast ratio up to an astounding 20000:1*, and Aspect Control technology that displays 4:3 images on a widescreen perfectly without distortion.

Striking Design with High-gloss Beveled Bezel
VH Series monitors are instantly recognizable by the bold, beveled bezels that convey their edge in terms of technology, performance, features and design sophistication. Finished entirely in beautiful high-gloss black and accented by an orange-colored power button inspired by the sunrise at dawn that welcomes users as they begin work each day, as well as recessed function keys, VH Series monitors are truly a sight to behold.
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