Asus Announces Eee PC 1015PN With Ion 2, Atom N550

Asus is the netbook king. Does anyone deny it? The company's Eee PC line has been around for as long as the term "netbook" has been around, and while computer fads come and go, the Eee PC line keeps right on growing. The "Seashell" group has been joined by another member today, with Asus introducing the Eee PC 1015PN as their latest miniature notebook.

It's a familiar 10.1" form factor, with other specifications including a 10.1" display, 1024x600 resolution, NVIDIA Ion 2 next-gen graphics, 1GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive and Intel's dual-core Atom N550. This is also an Optimus enabled machine, which means that it can switch between discrete graphics and integrated graphics without rebooting in order to save on battery life.

On the subject of battery life, Asus claims that the battery will last around 9.5 hours, but we have noticed in past reviews that these claims tend to be fairly lofty. But even if it only lasted 5-6 hours, that's still rather impressive. Asus also claims that HD video playback should not be a problem, and with a $429 price tag, it's definitely one of the cheaper netbooks to pack this kind of power.