ASUS Announces 24-inch VG245Q FreeSync Gaming Monitor With 1ms Response Times

If you are a gamer looking to maximize his or her budget, then you are probably aware that finding the "perfect" monitor is nearly impossible. There is always a caveat, and a certain feature that entices you to spend an extra $100 or more. Well, ASUS is hoping to keep those feelings to a minimum with its full-featured VG245Q, a 24-inch monitor coming in at under $250 USD.

The most notable feature of the VG245Q is its inclusion of FreeSync support, allowing more people with Radeon GPUs to improve the smoothness of their gameplay (and believe us, it makes a difference).

ASUS VG245Q Monitor Overview

As a 24-inch monitor, it's easy to assume that the VG245Q sports a 1440p resolution, but... that's not the case. Instead, 1080p is employed here, which might seem a bit odd, but it fits the budget-oriented market it targets. The 1080p resolution works great on even mainstream GPUs today, including the ~$200 Radeon RX 480, and those who care deeply about 1ms response times probably also care about achieving high framerates. And it is of course a lot easier to reach 60 FPS at 1080p, than 1440p. But, if you can go even higher than that, you might just sync up perfectly with this monitor's 75Hz refresh rate.

A common question that would be raised with this monitor is, "Is it IPS?", and the answer is an unsurprising "no". But it is thanks to the VG245Q's TN panel that the 1ms response rate is available, and on a monitor of this size, TN shouldn't impose an actual problem unless you often look at your monitor from an extreme angle.

ASUS VG245Q Monitor Rotate

The VG245Q includes a single DisplayPort for use with the PC, and then dual HDMI for game consoles (or other devices) and also has built-in speakers. If you don't want to use them, you can plug your headphones into the monitor instead, and all of your sources would simply use those cans as the output.

We're not exactly sure when ASUS' VG245Q will be released, or its definitive price, but it's expected to begin hitting etailers soon.