Asus Announced Plans to Diversify

Just today, AsusTek Computer Inc. announced plans to divide the company into three different corporate entities. The reason given for the move is so that they may maximize performance and minimize disagreements of interest. Unihan Technology Corp. will be the PC-related manufacturing division, whereas the module, casing, and non-PC manufacturing division will be called Pegatron Technology Corp. Finally, AsusTek will handle contract manufacturing and will retain the brand name. However, numerous customers seem to be unhappy with the prospect that competitors can actually hire AsusTek to build their equipment.

In terms of revenue,
Pegatron is expected to be the biggest company, followed by Asus, then Unihan. The three separate companies are scheduled to debut by January 2009.

Though it may seem like some sort of historical event, it is not the first time something like this happened. Years ago, Acer Inc. spun two segments of itself off, which turned into BenQ and Wistron.
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