Asus and Toshiba Plan to Jump on Google's Chromebook Bandwagon with Haswell in Tow

Two out of the top 5 best selling laptops on Amazon are Chromebooks (Acer C720 at No. 4 and Samsung XE303C12-A01US at No. 5). Chromebook critics are quick to point out that sales don't necessarily translate into a quality product, but if you look at the user reviews, there doesn't appear to be a lot of buyer's remorse with these systems. Out of 114 user reviews, Acer's model boasts a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, while Samsung's models is rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 3,547 casting their vote.

Consumers are speaking with their wallets (and their votes), and the message is being heard loud and clear by more and more notebook makers. Of course, Acer and Samsung were on board since Day 1, and eventually Hewlett-Packard joined the party. Come 2014, expect to see Asus and Toshiba trot out Chromebooks as well.

Acer C720P
Move over Acer and make room for Asus and Toshiba.

Citing "industry sources," news and rumor site Digitimes says Asus and Toshiba are both prepping Chromebooks with Intel's Haswell architecture inside. In addition, Asus chief Jerry Shen recently revealed that his company plans on launching 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch Chromebook models during its initial foray into the field. It's estimated that pricing will range from $199 to $329.

Less details are available about Toshiba's plans, other than it plans to release its Chromebooks "soon," with production being outsourced to Inventec.