Asus and Intel Launch, HH Joins Forces

We simply must chalk this one up in the totally cool column.  After all, how many times have you been asked to specify your own dream product by top-tier manufacturers?  The world's first "crowd-sourced" personal computer is the vision and goal of the new Asus and Intel WEPC campaign and web site.  What are your top five must-have features for a top-of-the-line notebook?  Do you want it as powerful as you can get it, at the expense of a boat anchor weight class? Or would your rather have something lighter, nimble but still full-featured?  We here at HotHardare, in conjunction with our friends at Intel and Asus are joining forces to help you, our faithful readers and valued community members build a notebook PC in a swingin' Frank Sinatra sort of groove -- in other words, "MY WAY".


Imagine your perfect PC. Now imagine top engineers and innovators working around the clock to make that Dream PC a reality. That's the dream is all about.

ASUS and Intel have created, a place where users like you come together to share ideas, images and inspiration about your ideal PC. But what if it's not just talk. Your designs, feature ideas and community feedback will be evaluated by ASUS and could influence the blueprint for an actual notebook PC built by ASUS with Intel inside.

Does your Dream PC work under water? Or is it made of bamboo? Maybe it recognizes you by your fingerprints? Or comes equipped with a built-in projector? Does the keyboard slide off to reveal gaming controls? Formulate your wildest ideas and bring them to life on!

Register at the site, toss out your ideas, comment on my weekly blog post here, or you can even use the drawing board to create your own Dream PC image.  It's pretty cool to think of the kind of power you can wield at this place and with design engineers at Asus and Intel.  Put them to work and tell Asus and Intel what you want!  Gather enough votes and backers behind you and you might even turn out to be the inspiring innovator and creator of the first ever "WE PC"; by the people, for the people and all that revolutionary stuff.

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