ASUS A8N-SLI MoBo, Zalman TNN500AF Case and More

Good evening everyone, how are my friends doing?  The past few weeks have been crazy in my end of the world.  But, with things now calming down and the x-mas season fast approaching; you will be seeing much more of me.  Whether you want to take that as a threat or promise, is your discretion.  Nonetheless, it is getting late and our news-bin is filling up.  Here is your traditional HH Nightcap...

 Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard Review @ PC Perspective

"Moving on past the graphical aspects, we see that Asus has stacked the A8N-SLI Deluxe quite well with a lot of storage options.  How does eight SATA channels and two IDE channels sound?  That should satiate just about anyone with a fetish for large hard drives.  Only users looking to move on with lots of IDE drives and optical drives will have to look for new hard drives.  Along that line, the NVIDIA SATA controller also supports the new SATA 3.0Gb/s standard so when drives become available, you'll be ready. "

 Zalman TNN500AF Case Review @ XBitLabs

"Today we are going to tell you about one more exciting noiseless solution from one of the leaders in the cooling market – the Zalman Company. A new enhanced modification from the famous Zalman TNN series has been tested thoroughly in our labs. Read more about this product in our article with tons of pictures and detailed thermal tests!"

 ASRock 775V88 VIA PT880 Motherboard Review @ PCStats

"Built for Intel's new Socket 775 Pentium 4 'Prescott' processor (533/800MHz FSB), the ASRock 775V88 is a no frills motherboard and does not come with many features. With a retail price of just $76 CDN though, pretty much all can be forgiven. The only onboard components included are built-in 5.1 audio, two Serial ATA ports, and a VIA 10/100 Ethernet adaptor. Not a lot, but really quite perfect for building office PCs."

 Thermaltake 120mm Blue LED Smart Case Fan Review @

"I must say that I'm very impressed with the Thermaltake Smart Case fan. The packaging, product quality and accessories are all top-notch. I used nothing more than a screwdriver to take advantage of all options and never had to dip into my collection of spare parts to get it running or installed. While the highest fan speed produced a lot of noise, the Smart Fan was fairly quiet at low speeds while still moving a very respectable volume of air. 38CFM @ 17dBA on low is nothing to sneeze at."

 ATI X800 XT PCI Express Review @ AMD Zone

"The X800 XT is based on the GPU chip R420. The GPU is equipped with 16 pipelines, 4 per quadrant. You may be asking what is the difference between the X800 SE, X800 Pro, and the X800 XT? Well there isn't much difference in the GPU. Since there are 4 pipelines per quadrant, ATI simply deactivates defective ones and sells it as a lower model. The X800 Pro has "12" pipelines. What this means is that one of the quadrants of an X800 XT is deactivated due to defective pipelines. If you look at an X800 Pro and X800 XT both built by ATI they will be physically identical. ATI uses the same HSF, PCB, and component placement on both models. AMD and Intel both use this same method of marketing when they have a CPU with defective cache. They simply disable the cache and re brand the CPU. This is how we get Celeron, Sempron, and Duron."

Time for this kid to catch some Z's.  Sleep well friends :) - Cheers

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