ASUS 5G Concept Phones Rock Stunning Dual-Slider Designs

asus 5g slider banner
2018 was the year of the notch, and it looks as though 2019 is the year where smartphone OEMs seek out new ways to minimize the appearance of the notch or get rid of it altogether. Companies like Samsung have gone with a punch hole cut-out for the front-facing cameras, while this new smartphone concept from one of ASUS’ designers takes a completely different approach.

The renders, which were uncovered by reliable leaker Evan Blass, show that the ASUS 5G smartphone concepts have a dual slider design, which sets them apart from similar implementations by Xiaomi. The dual slider design seems to pay homage to the Nokia N95 from many moons ago.

asus 5g slider 1

One of the ASUS concepts showcases a design where sliding the back of the phone up reveals dual selfie cameras along with an LED flash. Sliding the back of the phone down shows a Harman Kardon speaker that could be used when playing music or movies.

A second dual slider design reveals the dual cameras when sliding the back of the phone up, while interestingly, sliding it down reveals a second display panel (which seems like pure fantasy at this point). This second panel would be used for the rear facing cameras and includes extended controls for exposure, zoom and the shutter button.

asus 5g slider 2

There are no specs included with these concept photos, and we should treat them as such – concepts. Although Evan Blass is the sources of these images and he is highly regarded for the accuracy of this leaks, there’s no real indication that these designs are destined for production. 

They are definitely interesting designs that would likely be well-received in the market, but we’re going to remain highly skeptical for now about their prospects for making it to market.