ASRock Posts Product Page For Phantom Gaming X AMD Radeon VII 16GB Graphics Card

ASRock has made the product page for its new AMD Radeon VII-based graphics cards available a week after the card first leaked onto the internet. The Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII 16GB graphics card has a silver heatsink with triple fans to keep things cool, and the backplate is made from metal for additional strength. Key features include support for 4K gaming, AMD Eyefinity, and Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR.

asrock hero

Clock speeds for the video card include a GPU base clock of 1,400 MHz and memory base clock of 1GHz. Boost clock speeds are the same for the memory, but the GPU is boosted to 1750 MHz. The card pairs the 7nm GPU with 16GB of RAM and connectivity options include a trio of DisplayPort connectors and a single HDMI port. The video card has a 4096-bit memory bus and uses a PCI Express x16 Gen3 slot on your motherboard. A pair of 8-pin power connectors are required to get the card up and running.

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ASRock ships the card with Phantom Gaming Tweak software providing a tool that lets users optimize settings for performance like fan speed, core clocks, memory frequency, and more. The software also gives access to modes depending on what you want to do, like OC mode, Silent mode, and default mode. Given the strict adherence to the AMD reference design, it's likely that this ASRock offering will be offered at the same $699 price point when it is released early next month.