Aspiro's Music Streaming Service WiMP Now Available For The iPhone

There's a new streaming music service available to iPhone users in Norway. Aspiro Music announced the company has received word from Apple that its iPhone client for the music streaming service WiMP is approved and available for download through the AppStore. The iPhone version offers most of the functionality of the PC version of WiMP. It also features an offline mode that lets users play music even when an Internet connection is unavailable.

Aspiro's Music Streaming Service WiMP Ready for the iPhone

STOCKHOLM--Aspiro Music has received confirmation from Apple that the iPhone client for the Norwegian music streaming service WiMP is approved for download through the AppStore. Norwegian customers can download WiMP for iPhone from the AppStore starting today.

”After a long process, we are very pleased to announce that users now also can access WiMP directly on their iPhones. We know this added functionality will please many of our customers, and enhance the experience of WiMP even more. Now, all Norwegians can enjoy WiMP on their PC, Mac, Android-phone or iPhone", says Per Einar Dybvik, Head of Aspiro Music.

The new iPhone app features most of the functionality from the PC-version of WiMP, and like the Android-version also features offline mode. This means that iPhone users can now play their music from WiMP with or without an internet connection.

”WiMP for iPhone naturally also features editorial space and recommendations, such as the promotion of albums, singles and playlists. These are continuously updated by our Editors, who aids our users staying on top of what happens in the music industry, as well as to discover new music” says Rolf Presthus of Platekompaniet.

WiMP is a music streaming service developed by Aspiro Music, which in Norway is delivered by Aspiro and Norway’s largest music retail chain Platekompaniet, in cooperation with Telenor. WiMP lets users access all music for 99 kroners per month. New users can try the service for free for 30 days.

Facts about WiMP for iPhone

  • Play (stream) millions of songs via 3G or WLAN (3G optional)
  • Play albums and playlists offline without access to the internet
  • Always up to date music from WiMP’s deep catalogue
  • Get WiMP’s recommendations and news directly in your application
  • Listen to your own playlists
  • Access and manage your favorite artists and albums
  • Search for artists, songs or albums
  • Sound quality: 96 AAC