Asphalt = Renewable Energy?

Ouch, ouch, ouch.  Try walking across the street in Arizona without shoes on during the summer.  Now think of all that wasted heat.

As climate change rises on the international agenda, the system built by the civil engineering firm, Ooms Avenhorn Holding BV, doesn't look as wacky as it might have 10 years ago when first conceived.

Solar energy collected from a 200-yard stretch of road and a small parking lot helps heat a 70-unit four-story apartment building in the northern village of Avenhorn. An industrial park of some 160,000 square feet in the nearby city of Hoorn is kept warm in winter with the help of heat stored during the summer from 36,000 square feet of pavement. The runways of a Dutch air force base in the south supply heat for its hangar.

They are running this trial in the Netherlands, where sun isn't exactly a year-round affair.  Can you imagine this in Arizona?  As many have said, if we really want to, and if we have enough reason to, we can come up with innovative new technologies that lead to renewable energy.

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