Ask Ziggy Is The Siri For Windows Phone 7

Apple's Siri has clearly convinced a lot of people to upgrade, or buy into the iPhone universe altogether. Apple's had no issues selling the iPhone 4S, and while there are a few slightly similar solutions for Android, Windows Phone 7 has largely been left out. But a revised version of Ask Zippy may get WP7 into that conversation. It's clearly no Siri, but the program was developed by a single person and is being offered for absolutely nothing. And for free, it's hard to complain.

The app enables users to accomplish similar text-to-action things, just like Siri. You can ask questions, send texts and do all sorts of voice-related tasks that are impossible without the app. WPCentral is reporting that a refreshed version will be on the Store in the coming days; the current version doesn't have the best of ratings, but you can see what's on tap for the new build in the video below.

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