As Windows 10 Nears, Microsoft Outlines Changes To Windows Store

Among the vast number of improvements coming with Windows 10 is an overhauling of the Windows Store. Versus other app stores, many would argue that Microsoft's hasn't been that exciting. It's also had a bad problem of stocking too many redundant and knock-off apps, as well as open source / free software sold by third-parties. Simply put, the Windows Store has been in need of a makeover.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has added or refined a few Windows Store features, including adding lists and improving search algorithms, adding a new Web store, and updating ratings and user reviews.

Windows 10 Store

In Windows 8, the Windows Store search algorithm was more of a Web search, which resulted in sometimes inaccurate results. Now, the search will be optimized for the actual content on the store, which can include movies and music in addition to apps and games. The current design will list apps first, then games, then music, and then movies. Microsoft seems unclear on whether this will remain the design, but as it's considering Windows Store to be an evolutionary thing, it'll pay attention to consumer feedback and adjust things accordingly.

With user reviews, those that are voted up as most "helpful" will balloon to the top of the list, and in addition, a new spam filter has been deployed that will delete spammy comments before they're ever seen.

It's also worth pointing out that all reviews submitted during the Windows 10 preview (up until July 15) were deleted, so as to give a more accurate impression of an app now that it'd be in release quality.

While most changes Microsoft is making to its store is catered to developers, we can hope it all results in a store that's much more exciting and worthwhile to use.