Arnold Schwarzenegger Lends Voice To Waze For Terminator Turn-By-Turn Directions

“In need your clothes, your boots, and for you to turn right in 300 feet.” Google’s popular Waze navigation app is a boon for frequent road travelers with its informative traffic mapping and police alerts, and the thorn in the sides of police departments around the country. After all, traffic cops our out to nab speeders and secure extra revenue for their cities/counties, and Waze puts a serious damper on this form of taxation.

With that being said, we definitely know which side actor (and former California governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger takes. He’s definitely endorsing Waze, as he has lent his voice to the app to promote the upcoming film Terminator: Genisys, which opens on July 1. All Waze users have to do is go to the Settings -> Sound -> Voice Language -> Terminator Genisys. From that point forward, you will be treated with Schwarzenegger’s thick Austrian accent that all of us have tried to mock at some point in our lives.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Genisys

“From the first time I used Waze, I have wanted to lend my voice to it. The Terminator is the perfect machine to guide Wazers to their destinations,” said Schwarzenegger. “Every single day on social media fans ask me to record my movie lines, so now I get to bring this classic role and my charming Austrian accent into their cars.”

“Charming,” I guess that’s one way to put it…

“Celebrity voice prompts are one of our most popular features and a great way to add some fun to time on the road. We are thrilled to offer such an unmistakable voice and entertain drivers en route to the movies this summer,” added Waze spokeswoman Julie Mossler.

As a heavy Waze user myself, I’m rather partial to the default voice (Hello, Jane) and tend to stay away from the celebrity voices as they get old really fast. I’m willing to give “The Governator” a chance, but I have the feeling that I will very quickly be lowering him into a vat of molten metal.