ARM VP Responds To Questions On Partnerships with AMD at Fusion Developer Summit

AMD's Fusion Developer Conference is continuing to offer up tidbits of interesting insight from a few top industry professionals, especially since there are some heavy hitters at the event.  Execs from Microsoft and ARM have given talks on a number of broad industry initiatives, including support for new programming language technologies like C++ AMP and Open CL. 

In a small round-table discussion with Industry Analyst John Peddie, the seemingly hard-ball question was asked "what is ARM doing here at this AMD conference?"  Jem Davies, VP of the Media Processing Division of ARM stepped up to the plate casually to take a swing.  We'll let you ponder that for a nanosecond or two but hit the play button to hear it from the horses mouth.

It's interesting to note that of course ARM has licensing agreements with lots of the major players including Intel, and in fact even Intel is an ARM customer.  Logically, it makes sense, AMD might want to integrate some of ARM's ubiquitous IP into future products as well.  Details of specific development efforts and future devices, of course, aren't available at this time.