Arlo Video Doorbell Provides 180-Degree Field Of View To Capture Porch Pirates

arlo video doorbell 1
Our homes are increasingly becoming "smarter" with deices like smart speakers, connected light switches, and security cameras that can monitor every inch of your premises. Arlo is looking to give customers a little more piece of mind with home (and package) security with the release of the Arlo Video Doorbell. 

The Video Doorbell has a unique 1:1 aspect ratio (1536x1536 resolution), which Arlo says is optimized for "front entry view" of your porch. Arlo says that this arrangement not only allows you to see people that come to your front door, but also packages that are left by couriers (or "head to toe coverage" as Arlo puts it). 

Video Doorbell Comparison

The camera on the doorbell also offers a 180-degree field of view, HD resolution video capture/streaming and the ability to provide two-way audio which allows you to talk to people at your front door from your smartphone. Speaking of that capability, Arlo says that the Video Doorbell can immediately start streaming video (thanks to its persistent Wi-Fi connection) to your smartphone as soon as the doorbell is pressed, which means that you won't miss anything.

You also have the ability to add prerecorded messages that are relayed back to the person pressing the doorbell button. For example, if you know that a package is being delivered today, you could include a prerecorded message like "Leave it on the doorstep and get the hell out of here."

arlo video doorbell 2

Other features include HDR support, night vision, motion detection, weather resistant design (obviously) and tamper detection. The latter feature allows the Video Doorbell to belt out an ear-piercing shriek if some obnoxious individual attempts to remove it from its perch. And to simplify installation, the Video Doorbell can be installed to existing doorbell wiring.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is priced at $149.99 and is available direct from Arlo or from Best Buy.