Are Nokia & Verizon Working On A 4G Device? reports that Nokia and Verizon are setting aside their differences and have come together to create a touchscreen device for the upcoming 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. While AT&T and Apple may enjoy success today with the iPhone, the two companies are looking towards the future and are determined to lead the next generation of wireless technology by putting their talents together. People familiar with the companies say the partnership is likely to be exclusive. Although a Nokia spokesperson denied that the company had entered into an exclusive deal with Verizon, he didn’t deny that the companies were working together. Nokia logo

If these reports are true, the pact between the companies would be a great asset to Nokia, who has struggled with market share in the U.S. The agreement would also be a big benefit to Verizon since it could help the carrier trump AT&T’s success with the iPhone and give customers an incentive to switch carriers and enjoy a new high-speed wireless network and services such as HD video.

In the past, Nokia has largely resisted efforts by U.S. wireless carriers to control features on phones. Although Nokia is the world’s largest smartphone maker, it doesn’t enjoy similar successes here in the States, largely because of this lack of cooperation with the carriers. LTE logo

Verizon is definitely working hard on its rollout of LTE, likely in hopes of getting a head-start on rival AT&T. Last month, Verizon announced plans to launch LTE trials in two unnamed cities later this year. Verizon Wireless’ commercial LTE service is expected to go live in 25 to 30 markets in 2010. Nokia also recently announced that it is committed to having LTE devices available in 2010.