Archos Releases 80 G9 And 101 G9 Tablets

It used to be that a new notebook would pop up every so often, and these days, those new notebook releases are separated by something else: new tablet releases. The G9 series of tablets was just unveiled by Archos, bringing a new 8" and 10" slate into the crowded marketplace. The Archos 80 G9 and 101 G9 are on deck, with the both of them offering an ARM Cortex dual-core A9 running at 1.5GHz. They also include a massive 250GB HDD; it's the first major tablet to be released with an HDD instead of flash storage. It's relying on a 7mm Seagate Momentus Thin drive, and a huge one at that. Archos has a history of releasing spacious hard drives within their portable media players, and that trend is now continuing in on the tablet space.

These two also have USB ports, which -- when combined with the newly announced 3G USB stick -- enables 'em to get online from just about anywhere. It's also powerful enough to play back 1080p content, and the HDMI output makes it easy. The best part here is the price. Launching in September, the 80 G9 will sell for just $279, while the 10.1" 101 G9 will sell for $349. Definitely the cheapest tablet on the market right now (well, it's not on the market yet), but who knows if it'll have company... we're guessing it will soon.
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