April Holds Good Things For Intel's Xeon Processors

Intel, in a move to make its Xeon line of processors more attractive, will be slashing prices in April for it's Xeon 3200 quad-core and X3000 dual-core series CPUs . The price cuts are targeted at the 1-way server market with the goal of increasing demand in order to gain a larger slice of the server CPU pie.

Intel plans to lower the price for its Quad-Core Xeon 3200 and Dual-Core Xeon 3000 processors, in April 2007, in a bid to help boost demand in the 1-way server market. It will also introduce new 1-way targeted chipsets in the second half of the year, but will hold off releasing new processors based on 45nm technology until 2008. The Quad-Core Xeon X3220 is expected to drop from US$851 to US$530, while the X3210 will be cut from US$690 to US$423. Prices for Dual-Core Xeon 3040, 3050, 3060 and 3070 CPUs are also set to fall between 10-40%.

If a shiny new Xeon CPU is currently on the short list of PC hardware to buy, April may just be you're month.