, The Ad-Free Twitter, Gets Fully Funded By Kickstarter

Does the world have room for another Twitter? And moreover, does the world even want another Twitter? We're about to find out. What started as a nifty idea and a Kickstarter project has now been fully funded, with "" reaching its $500,000 funding goal overnight. That means that Dalton Caldwell's project has enough money to really kick into overdrive, with a Twitter-like atmosphere of real-time global information streaming hitting its users. What's the primary difference? Well, it's a service dedicated to users, and devoid of advertisers. Many have questioning the stability and genuineness of Twitter now that advertisers are getting more deeply involved, and seems to be an answer to that.

Kickstarter backers were asked to pay $50 for an annual subscription and early access to a username, and for hardcore information lovers, that's a pretty good incentive to get in early.

So, what happens next? With funding, the project is expected to more towards a public alpha / beta, but there's no clear indication of when that'll happen. Will you sign up for another Twitter service? Are you already overloaded with social networks?
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